About us 

Gulet Croatia has been a synonym for quality in yachting for more than two decades. We are leaders in this market niche in Croatia and have gathered many tales and testimonials to back up that claim!

We were the first company to import these beautiful wooden sailing yachts into Croatia and are thus rooted in the very beginning! In 1998 Gulet-Croatia started operations in one of the most visited cities in the Mediterranean, Dubrovnik. As owners and organizers we have a long string of successes behind us and have hosted world celebrities such as Michael Schumacher, Lisa Kudrow, David Matalan, Princess Al Sabah and others who wish to remain anonymous. We have shown that we are a reliable partner who is there when you need us.It will be our privilege to host you and your families and offer you fine service and a warm welcome! Let our experienced team to create lasting memories that you will take pleasure and pride in retelling!!!

Family History

Long ago in the distant south of Dalmatia, the glorious city of Dubrovnik came into existence.Built upon rocks above the sea, at the foot of Mount Srdj, it remains until today.

Libertas was the word written on the flag, and citizens lived that spirit of freedom throughout their seaborne adventures across the globe. Some of the most famous sailors, those, who traveled the trade and silk routes, were born in our city. We, the Kisić family, descend from these same sailors! Our 500-year-old house stands amid the walls of Dubrovnik and is filled with memories of our illustrious ancestors.Two decades ago we revived our family tradition as pioneers of the yachting business in Croatia. With our knowledge we have brought you and continue to bring you the best of the Croatian coast. With us you travel to the same secret caves and islands as Ulysses, himself! You dine in the best family restaurants, where they prepare fresh fish from time-tested recipes handed down from their grandmothers.With us you will know Croatia as it was in olden times, when the winds listened only to the sea and the cry of the gulls.


We understand the needs of the modern guest and thus provide one-stop shopping. We consider ourselves your personal agent for your needs and wishes during your trip.

From our two decades of experience we have put together a branched network of co-operators and partners.We cover the entire Croatian coast and much of the territory inland. We can pretty much give you whatever you want, take you to sites you want to visit or places where you would like to dine.We would be honored if you put your trust in us. We pledge to give you a yachting experience you will never forget!Feel free to consult with us and tell us your ideas. We will present proposals thatwill best incorporate your needs.