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Happiness and satisfaction are two main virtues that move our team in Gulet Croatia. Life is short, but if you do it right, once is enough! Having this thought in mind we created a travel company that provides meaning to life itself. Mission: “Seek for life” “Seek more”

Gulet Croatia strives to give the best and innovative experience to our clients through excellent service and customised approach to their needs by using locally sourced knowledge and years of experience in the yacht charter industry to meet the wishes of our customers that will exceed their expectations. We are company for those who always seek more of life and expect only the best of the best.

In Gulet Croatia we believe adventures are what makes our life fulfilled and enriched. Adventures take us to the most beautiful places around the world, adventures make us meet amazing people, start new business and make life lasting memories. Adventures brings us closer together, so start your thousand-mile journey with our gulets!

Let your dreams set sail

What all efforts, hard work, commitment and success are worth if You don’t reward yourself? If you live hard, play hard, You deserve to relax hard as well ? Allow us to assist You organizing the adventure of a lifetime.

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Gulet Croatia History

Gulet Croatia founder is Petra Kisić, known as a sailor, yacht owner and an agent in Croatia. Her life was The Sea from an early age. First memories since she was a baby are from lighthouse Sv. Andrija where she lived with her grandparents who were lighthouse keepers.

Her mother and father are famous Croatian sailors, well know as the first people which imported gulets in Croatia and created foundations for the huge industry that it is today. They owned 4 gulets at the time and always had renown as the most luxurious and top-quality service company in Croatia. In 2018 the Kisić family grew in business again and moved into the motor yacht business. Today they own the most luxurious Croatian mega yacht “Donna del Mare”.

Experience you can trust

The Kisić family always had a bar set high and they lived this mission all their life. To have the best boats, best service and best experience for the clients. This hard work was recognized by brokers and agencies from all around the world and always brought them a lot of business.

Petra was growing up with this influence, working and helping in the family. She started sailing at age of 16 and was always a right hand to her father. In the meantime she went to business schools and graduated in 2017 as master of finances and tourism management.

Great connections

As sailor, she is able to recommend the best itinerary according to clients wishes, she is a personal friend with most of the yacht owners because they are colleagues and they meet on the sea and the shipyards. This is why her knowledge of the Croatian yachts and market is outstanding and she always knows which yachts are well maintained, who has the best service and crew, and last, but not least, who has the best chef.

Why Gulet Croatia

All this “know-how” will benefit to you, and together with her team in Gulet Croatia will help you find the most suitable yacht and prepare an outstanding  tailor-made itinerary in all destinations.

In Gulet Croatia we are all about additional services, from airport pickup, land tours or reservation in hardly available restaurants and many more small details and surprises available only with us!

Don’t waste your time on wrong addresses, rather allow professionals in industry to make all your dreams come true, effortlessly and safely ?

"The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever,"
once said the great Jacques Yves Cousteau.