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The Island of Brač is known for its high-quality stone mines since ancient times. Did you know that the White House was built of stone from Brač Island? Brač has a strong masonry tradition that lasts for centuries, which you can notice on remarkable traditional architecture. The settlement is built mostly in a typical Mediterranean style. Stone-built houses, neat little alleys, peace and quiet are the initial evidence of the cultural splendor of former times. Those remarkable white stones are located in a historical town called Pučišća. While entering the town with your sailboat the first sight is a big, breathtaking quarry that has been founded in early 1455. Even the eldest stonemason school is located right in this town and it’s still operating.

The main town Milna was developed in the 16th century when an aristocratic family decided to build a fortress and church on that location. Milna offers sand and gravel beaches stretching along the coast. Enjoy, soak up the sun, swim, go shopping or have a coffee and enjoy summer to the fullest. While walking through the old streets of this stunning little town, visit the small galleries or take beautiful photos of old stone houses, sky and the sea. Have a tasty meal in fine restaurants or let our cook on an elegant yacht to surprise you with his choice. One of the specialties of the island is lamb prepared under the steel bell. It’s very savory and goes great with the traditional cheese.

Our crew can also take you to the small village called Bol. On Bol is located one of the most beautiful beaches of Croatia called “Zlatni Rat”. You can do windsurfing and kitesurfing in Bol, but if you are more interested in restaurants and bars, Bol has numerous bars which are open early until late. There is also a great selection of restaurants. Nearby is located one the highest points of all islands called “Vidova gora” where you can enjoy a stunning view of the Adriatic coast!

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