Island of Mljet

About Mljet island

The Island of Mljet is the most densely wooded island of the Adriatic. Due to its old thick forests of Aleppo pine, Karst caves, two picturesque salt-water lakes (connected with the sea) , many sandy, and gravel beaches, fishing grounds, etc. Locals mostly do agriculture like olive trees, wine grapes and figs. aAs well, many go fishing because there are many fish and lobsters around this area. One of the specialties you must try while visiting the island is goat cheese. Cheese is first dried in the sun and afterwards it sits in olive oil for a few months. This gives it a specific rich taste.

Harbour and anchorage on Mljet

Docking with a boat will be safest and most beautiful in bay Polače which is a part of national park, but it became pricey in the last few years. Make sure to consult with the captain on this topic. In this village there are many great restaurants where you can taste some of the local specialties.

Good to know is that some restaurants offer free docking in front of their restaurant’s terraces if you go to their place for dinner. Otherwise, the yacht will have to be on anchorage because there are no large docks to accommodate bigger yachts.

Another possibility is Pomena bay which is also in National Park, but this port is much more live and young people prefer to spend a night there. If you like to have fun this is a port for you, but if you appreciate peaceful sleep rather go with Polače.

sailing boats in bay of Prožura

Mljet National Park

Western part of the island has been proclaimed a National Park. In the middle of an island in the Big Lake, there is a small island of St. Mary, with a fortified monastery from the Romanesque period on it, like a castle from fairy tales. An island within an island! This can be visited by small boat that drives every half an hour back and forward.

mljet national park panoramic view

National Park ticket price

If you come with a boat, the anchorage fee will include a ticket for the national park as well. It’s a bundle price which includes: yacht anchorage, garbage disposal, ticket to national park which covers transport with minivan to the lakes and boat ticket to reach the St. Mary island and monastery.

Price will vary depending on size of the yacht and number of people in your group. Adult tickets can vary between 10 – 15 EUR. Children under 7 are free of charge but the anchorage price will be much more expensive.
Update on prices can be checked on the official National Park Mljet website.

sign for ticket selling place

Things to do in the park

Around the lakes there is a big trail perfect for biking, walking or hiking. Fun part especially for children is the bridge called Mali Most which connects two lakes. Here current changes direction every 6 hours and it runs fast through the connecting channel which passes under a small bridge.

It is possible to swim here as it is in every other place around the lakes. You can rent a kayak as well and make a little tour around the lakes. The place is so magical you can spend the whole afternoon walking around and having fun but there are some few more interesting spots you would like to see while visiting island Mljet.


Odysseus cave

One of the other popular locations is a cave called Odysseus cave which looks like a huge circular whole into the stone. Bottom is filled with sea and there is a passage under which you can swim. Adventurists love this location because cliff jumping is possible. The tallest point from where you can jump is 50m but there are lower spots as well.

The name was given by Greek explorer and sailor Odysseus. According to the legend he had a shipwreck and lived for a few years on the island where he fell in love with the witch Kaliope but Odysseus never forgot his home and in secret, he built a new boat and escaped from the witch Kaliope after some time.

sunset view on sea coast

Restaurants and other facilities

Mljet is a populated island with many bars, restaurants, shops, bakeries, rental cars and similar facilities. For nightlife and popular bars, we recommend visiting Pomena village. On its lungo mare promenade there are many of them. Just pick one place with music you like the most.

Restaurant choice is wide as well but not all of them are wise choices. Ask your crew to help you pick the restaurant and make reservations for you. We would like to recommend Amphora restaurant located in Polače village. They have decent food and reasonable prices compared to other places.

grilled fish