Korčula island

About Korčula

Another ancient pearl of the Adriatic coast is the town of Korčula. It is believed that it is the hometown of Marko Polo. His house is located in the UNESCO protected old town called Korčula as well. It may be the truth that places and islands differ, but the Island of Korčula undoubtedly holds a privileged position among the Croatian islands. The island tells even more legends, tales, and monuments than anywhere else. The oldest written monument in Croatia, in Greek, was found there. According to the legend, Korčula was established by the Trojan hero Antenor in the 12th century BC. As well there is a lot remaining from the 13th and 14th century when Korčula was under Venice occupation. From the rector palace to a pillar of shame. The local church has a tall tower from which you can view the amazing landscape. Don’t miss wandering through the narrow stone streets of the ancient city and look for the best restaurant in town with the best view of an unforgettable sunset.

Harbors and anchoring in Korčula

In Korčula you have multiple options for docking. There are three public harbors. On the west and east coast it’s possible to dock for a shore. For gulets and yachts the west coast is mostly used for docking but in case of bad weather and strong west winds this won’t be a smart choice.

On the east side of the old town there is ACI marina as well. This is the most luxurious and expensive place to dock but if you want to be a star among other mega yachts this is a perfect spot to choose.

Also there are many anchoring possibilities which are more budget friendly and you will be in close vacancy to the city itself. Yacht tender will take you from boat to the harbor in case you wish to walk and visit the city.

west coast of Korcula old town

Korčula restaurants

Korčula offers great gastro offerings with many typical local dishes. Some of the most famous are the cookies from middle age. There is a bakery called Cukarin where this can be tried and bought. This is a very lively city with many people and tourists during summer time.

There are many great cocktail bars as well as a few clubs in the open air where fun is guaranteed. We would definitely recommend booking a table in advance in the famous Konoba Adio Mare where you will be sited on a beautiful terrace located in the center of the old town of Kočula. This restaurant is famous for its fresh fish which is not both from fish farms but rather from local fishermen. Try octopus salat or some of the other fish specialties.

fish risotto

Things to do in Korčula

Some spectacular and interesting happenings which we recommend to see are historical dances of Moreška which are dances by men who are fighting with swords! As well there is a legend that is retold during the dance about love between two young people whose love was forbidden due to historical happenings at the time.

Second very interesting thing happens every year on 30. June when Korčula people celebrate “half of the year!” There is a masquerade organized and fun program all day. This is certainly a cool thing to visit if you are planning to be 30. June on Korčula!

people dancing folklore called Moreska

Korčula beaches

There are many pebbled beaches but also there is a large sand beach in Korčula vacancy. If you are fond of sand, ask your captain to anchor the yachts for afternoon swim in front of Lumbarda which is just 10 minutes sailing before the old town.

Secluded bay on Korcula island, areal view