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Lastovo is an island in south Dalmatia and also the farthest inhabited Croatian island. Lastovo is an island of an untouched and extremely beautiful nature. Therefore, it is the best choice for those who want to spend a completely relaxing and peaceful holiday.

Ineresting facts about Lastovo

Lastovo is the most forested Croatian island; 70 % of the surface is covered in forest. It is the biggest island in the Lastovo archipelago which counts 46 small islands and cliffs. Interesting fact is that the whole area is in number 46. There are 46 fields, mountains and churches. Local people joke, if the trend of emigration continues there will be 46 people left as well. But we hope this won’t be the scenario because this is one of the most beautiful location to live in.

Nature Park Lastovo Islands

In 2007 Lastovo islands were proclaimed a nature park. This is due to rich underwater life. Local people were very smart and they implemented a strategy on how to keep a lot of fish in the area. They made an agreement among themselves to fish 3 years north of island and then 3 years south of island. This way they managed through years to maintain a high fish population which earned them nature park protection. Today the world in general could learn a lot from this strategy because we need our resources more than ever before.

It is a great place to visit!

The island of Lastovo has a total of 6 villages. Ubli is the only ferry port on the island and there you can also find a supermarket, a restaurant, a bar, a post office and the only gas station on the island. In the inland there are few restaurant households. These are very primitive places to eat with an obscure menu but all you will drink or eat in this place is grown and made by the locals. We strongly urge you to try meat under the bell and local cheese. S well Lastovo people are known to have the best fish and great olive oil to offer. There are many bays around the island so anchoring with a yacht won't be a problem.

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