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Lastovo is an island in south Dalmatia and also the furthest inhabited Croatian island. Lastovo is an island of an untouched and extremly beautiful nature. Therefore, it is the best choice for those who want to spend a completely relaxing and peaceful holiday. Lastovo is the most forested Croatian island; 70 % of the surface is covered in forest. The surface of the island is around 40 km2 and the coastal lenght is around 48 km. Lastovo is the biggest island in the Lastovo archipelago which counts 46 small islands and cliffs. In 2007 Lastovo islands were proclaimed a nature park. The island of Lastovo has a total of 6 villages. Ubli is the only ferry port on the island and there you can also find a supermarket, a restaurant, a bar, a post office and the only gas station on the island.

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