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In the Šibenik archipelago is the national park of Kornati. Passing a labyrinth of 89 little islands and rocks, we will search for a perfect bay, but wherever we drop the anchor, we will be sailing the sea that clean that you can see the seabed, even on the depth of 40 meters! You will find out why Kornati Islands are a favorite destination for nautical pilgrims that are looking for “something completely different.” One of the most popular phenomenon of this park are the vertical cliffs called “Krune” (crowns) that are facing the open sea. Alongside these natural beauties, Kornati are a home to many rare species.

Moreover, there are enough islands and bays for everyone. A real treasure is hidden under the sea surface there, so we recommend you to enjoy diving and exploring sea underworld. Also, as this area was the main trading route throughout history, if you look carefully, you might find some sank old ships and even a lost treasury. You never know about those things in the Adriatic Sea.

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