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Close to Šibenik town, the Krka river floats into the sea, making a spectacular water performance. On the way to Krka, we will pass by the town of Skradin, protected by law as a monument of history. We will reach it sailing slowly through a high, impressive canyon, dag in hard stone by force of Krka River. The river is 72 km long and has formed many majestic waterfalls as it runs. The river valley is an ancient settlement, with traces from prehistorically times, a Roman aqueduct, buildings and cultural monuments from the middle ages.

The Franciscan monastery, on the river island of Visovac and the orthodox monastery Krka, are the most important cultural heritage from this period. On the waterfalls Roski slap and Skradinksi buk, one finds the grain mills. There is the world's oldest electricity water plan established by Nikola Tesla, which we visit together. Like every day, meals are served aboard, or you can enjoy them in some local restaurants. However, as Krka is a notably clean river, we recommend you to taste some river fish local specialty in a restaurant ashore.

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