Šipan island

About Šipan

The beautiful Island of Šipan is a place where the old Dubrovnik aristocracy used to have their summer residences. If you start your cruise from Dubrovnik, this is where you meet for the first time the crystal blue sea, green pine forest, and clean air filled with sea scent that will follow you throughout a whole voyage. At the end of the day I spent time relaxing, swimming and sunbathing on the long sand beach hidden from everybody since it is possible to come there only by small boat. The island also has strong historical importance, hiding on its land the rector's palace and many other monuments telling you ancient stories filled with turbulence and victorious days.

Harbor and anchorage

Šipan provides 2 ports. One is in the south and the other is on the north side of the island. We recommend going to Šipanska Luka on the north side. This is a very deep bay which is well protected. There is a small harbor as well, but larger boats will have a hard time to fit in the port. Anchorage is a smooth solution and it’s free to spend a night if just anchored. It can be a little windy if the north wind is going to be strong but in that case, the port of Slano is close by and it provides better protection.

rope tied to a column

Royal summer residences

The island became populated in the 15th century by the four families. Šipan flourished in the time of Dubrovnik Republic when the main and the strongest businesses were shipbuilding, wine and olive growing, fishing and maritime. Once a strong and important island now has only 450 residents, but the monuments and nature are still preserved and an amazing sight.

There are 42 summer residences and 34 churches on this small island. It is proof that this oasis of peace and beauty was recognized as a place of relaxation by the Dubrovnik rulers. Although they are abandoned there are some in restoration and some even for sale. Who knows, maybe you will be the next owner of such a beautiful residence.

stone pillars of rector palace in Dubrovnik

Things to do

On the peak of the island is a village “Pakljena” that provides an amazing view of the whole island and you can even see the mountain chains of Dubrovnik and other islands like Jakljan and Mljet. Now, Šipan is super famous for its olive trees. The great quality, taste and smell leaves the tourists speechless. They even got in the Guinness Book of World record for having the largest amounts of olive trees considering the size of the island.

Biking through a large field in the middle of the island will be a great experience because just a few cars will be passing. This road connects two villages.

cliffs in Croatian coast

Bars and restaurants

There are two main places on Šipan, villages Suđurađ and Šipanska Luka. The places are similar. They have great fish restaurants where the fish is prepared fresh from the sea and it goes great with the domestic olive oil. There are a couple of bars in both places. Have a nice stroll and feel how the few remaining locals are living.

wines bottles on a cellar