Telašćica Park

About Telašćica Park

Telašćica Park of Nature is another fascinating nature gem on the Croatian coast. It is a bay with the surrounding area on the south side of Dugi Otok Island. On the outer side of the bay, there are high cliffs up to 161 meters high, rising over the 80 meters sea depths. Inside, there is a beautiful, calm, eight kilometers long bay, with five little islands inside. Due to its exceptional beauty, richness and importance together with valuable flora and fauna, geological phenomena and important seabed communities the park regained the status of a protected area in 1980. The sea bottom of the Park is rich in corals.

Harbors and moorings

Telašćica is a well protected bay that provides safe shelter during all weathers. It’s also a beautiful place to be anchored and enjoy outstanding nature, swimming and snorkeling.
There is no harbor so the only option is to be moored for the shore with ropes and with the anchor in the sea.

panoramic view on harbour in Telascica

Beaches in Telašćica

Quiet and calm beaches on one side and on the other wild, steep cliffs. One side is covered with Aleppo pine and Conifer oak and the other side with raw stone. One side is an area of cultivated fields covered with vineyards and olive groves, and another is an area of degraded vegetation covering dry habitats.

swimming location in one of the bays in kornati archipelago

Lake Mir

The third fundamental phenomenon is the lake on the southwest part of Telašćica, called Mir (Peace), with salty water inside, warmer and saltier than the seawater, so it is famous for swimming, and considered to have healing powers.

People say that the most picturesque among the islands is the island of Katina and the most unusual is certainly Taljurić. For a sight like that you have to come see for yourself.


Things to do

These beautiful landscapes hold together rich Mediterranean vegetation with more than 500 herbal and animal species. The underwater world counts over 300 species of flora and fauna each. If you are interested in scuba diving there are a few attractive places near the cliffs or take a walk around interesting places like the remains of Roman structures in “Mala Provera”.

We will drop anchor in some lovely bay inside Telašćica and enjoy stunning nature. Telašćica is a perfect place to test your diving skills because of the richness of sea life. In the evening, we will make a campfire, put some fresh fish on the grill, open a wine bottle, and enjoy the silence of the starry night and time passing by.

child snolkeling under the sea