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The Island of Vis, known for its fishermen and seafarers, lies far from the mainland and its troubles. Greek were famous travelers and have left their impact on many lands in Croatia and island Vis is one of them. The Greeks founded their first colony on Vis (named Issa) and planted the first grapevine there as early as the 4th century. A Franciscan monastery was built on the remains of the Greek and Roman theatre in the small town of Vis in the 16th century.

Vis island is heaven on earth

Because of its great geographical position, Vis has been a part of almost all the empires of the world – British, Venetian, Ottoman and Yugoslav. It was considered to be a military island and in the age of Yugoslavia, Tito had made build hidden tunnels that stretch through the whole island. There are military tours on the island explaining the history and island’s military purpose. Now, Vis is a beautiful green island that attracts many tourists. On the island is located the most beautiful beach in Croatia, called “Stiniva”. The cliffs seclude the bay making it impossible for big yachts to enter. If you wish to escape from the people and noise, Vis hides many bays where you can enjoy and relax. There are plenty of natural pebble beaches on Vis, and the sea is extremely clean and transparent, perfect for diving, jet ski, windsurfing, and other activities. Vis is also a pretty high island so there are two locations for rock climbing. It is perfect for adrenaline addicts. If you wish to explore the island more by yourself, you can rent a scooter and drive around. The island is small and safe, and the people are always helpful. Gome and visit town Komiža, feel the fisherman atmosphere and have lunch in a restaurant. Fish is there almost served directly from the fisherman’s boat.

The Island of Biševo

One more world famous attraction is near island Vis, on another island called Biševo. The Island of Biševo is on the south-west part of the Island of Vis, having much cave carved into its steep coast. Inside the island is The Blue Cave (Modra spilja) and she has entrances both above and below sea level. When the sea is calm, the light diffracts and paints the interior of the cave blue, and anything below the water line, silver. For those few minutes, the cave will leave you speechless and you will just sit in the barge gazing in the blue.

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