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Gulet Croatia has unique knowledge to offer since we are not just a charter company with a great team of experts for sails but also we are yacht owners and over the years we had multiple boats in our ownership. This gives us knowledge of full management including yacht maintenance, crew management, shipyard connections, and on field expertise and connections including mechanics in different islands, harbor docking connections and so on. If you partner with us we become reliable friends who can help in any situations because we know running a yacht is not just driving around but it includes overcoming many obstacles along the way.

Market positioning is a critically important part of marketing strategy since it determines to a large extent what customers perceive is being offered to them. This involves: Market segmentation (analyzing the different parts of a market) Targeting (deciding witch market segments to enter) and setting 4P promotion, price, place, and product.

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Marketing strategy

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Our team of experts will do this specifically for your yacht since not all boats or customers are the same, nor belong to the same category or budget range. This is why it is important to approach all of them individually in order to get the most bookings for your yacht.

Advertising strategy

A pricing strategy is a model or method used to establish the best price for a product or service. It helps you choose prices to maximize profits and shareholder value while considering consumer and market demand. This is why it is important to price the yacht just right in order to have the best price to maximize bookings and set the yacht against competition.

Marketing strategy

Unique marketing strategy will be created for your yacht based on market positioning and pricing. It will include a whole plan of representing your yacht through various channels and via lates marketing strategy methods. It will include setting up promotional material (photos, video, brochure...), social networks representation, google AdWords, placing yachts on various booking platforms and all other necessary steps in order for your yacht to achieve maximum visibility.

Client correspondence

Our sales team is working full hours in responding to emails in real time. Since our CEO is actively participating in every day business, we often work night shifts as well because Americans are awake at different hours than Europe. Our motto is to be fully present and available to our clients and have immediate responses because we know this makes a difference in terms of numbers and sails.

Presentation and promo materials

Great photos and solid brochures with detailed descriptions are very important to be impressive in order to sell the boat at the best to the clients. They have to be able to experience the boat from a distance in order to make a booking decision. This is why we offer one of the best yacht photographers who will make your vessel look astonishing. As well, we will create a custom made brochure just for your yacht, free of charge. If you wish we can also provide you with services of creating a 3D model of your yacht so clients can use the latest state of art technology to experience the yacht.

Presentaton and promo materials

Booking platforms

Sedna, Booking Manager and many more are platforms we use in order to promote our central booking yachts. We make them available to all the market and agents world wide as well as to our personal pool of clients that we have maintained over the two decades of charter business.

Booking platform

Booking system

For our respected boat owners we prepare a fully automated and transparent booking system with an online link for booking list that can be shared real time to all possible clients. We encourage boat owners to be actively involved in client prospecting and we allow direct bookings in case these are your old customers or direct contact of any sort. This makes us unique from others because our central booking system is not slave ownership agreement but rather common partnership for everyone’s benefit.

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Correspondence with agencies

Other agents are a great source of bookings as well and we make sure all of them are timely announced for all updates in terms of booking situation, prices or any other changes with your yacht. Even though there are no changes we inform them anyways with updated information just to remember them Your yacht is on market and ready to be sold.

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All paperwork in terms of contracts and accounting is our care as well. We have pre drafted contracts that can be adjusted towards your needs and preferences. For us the most important thing is that all sides are happy and both; our clients and boat owners are protected.

Dealing with paperwork

Dealing with customers

If for some reason the customer complains, we are here to help. Customer recovery is of highest importance for the reputation of the agency as well as the yacht. This is why we react timely and fix the issue on the spot. Preferably during the charter itself in order to avoid any escalations. This is why we are in regular contact with the crew as well as the customers to check if everything is running smoothly. Our team has many different recovery plans and so far we never had any major problems in terms of customer overall satisfaction and we hope to keep this pace positive in the future as well.

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"The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever,"
once said the great Jacques Yves Cousteau.