Drvenik and Makarska Riviera

About Drvenik / Makarska Riviera

Drvenik is a small coastal town on Makarska Riviera, 30 km south of Makarska. It was mentioned for the first time in the 13th century as a settlement under the Biokovo mountain, which is a National Park due to many endemic species that evolved during the ice age. The oldest building in Drvenik is the church of Saint George from the 15th century. Today, around 500 people live in Drvenik all year long, and they are mainly engaged in tourism. In past times, the main activities were agriculture and fishing. Today this is still maintained through taking care of olive trees and making delicious olive oil and soured olives.

Drvenik harbor

There is a small harbor in Drvenik suitable for a few bigger boats to be docked alongside the harbor dock. Because of Drvenik’s geographical location this village might not be visited during standard itineraries because it’s hidden behind Pelješac peninsula. This little town could be visited if taken Split – Split itinerary and in consultation with the captain visit can be organized.

boats in makarska harbour

Beaches in Drvenik

Drvenik is known for its beautiful beaches, which makes it a wonderful destination for our excursions. The main beach is pebbly, therefore sometimes can get crowded during the summer but there are other beaches in the vicinity which can be reached by foot. All of them are mostly shaded by dense pine trees.

pebble beach

Things to do

Interesting nearby places are Makarska town and Gradac. These are two very popular and touristic towns which attract many people. Makarska nightlife offers many night clubs and beach bars in this region. One of the most popular is night club Deep which was built in the natural cave made from sea waves.

Other fun things you can do in this region are different water activities like diving or parachute flying. Also, this is a great region for hiking, rock-climbing and rafting/kayaking on river Cetina which is close by. River Cetina runs through breathtaking steep canyon where since recently the Zip line Omiš is open. It has 8 lines and the longest one is 800 m. The price is not so high, around 55 euros per person and it can be done in few hours. Last interesting happening I want to mention is “Battle of Makarska” which is held every year on 18. September in memoriam on battle between Pirates od Makarska and Venetians that happened in far 887 AD. Pirates of Makarska successfully defeated Venetians who attacked their homes. Here is a whole reconstruction of battle with real ships and costumed people. Later there is a big celebration in the village that last until late hours.

Zip line in Omiš