Lovište village

About Lovište

Lovište is a small town situated in a beautiful bay, a natural marina, on the west end of Pelješac Peninsula, facing the island of Hvar. This typical Dalmatian town has only 250 residents who are hardworking fishermen and hospitable hosts. Except for fishing, locals are also fond of growing Olive trees which they later process into oil. They usually sell the oil which you can later try at the local restaurants. Fresh caught fish with domestic olive oil is a perfect combination to try in this small town.

Harbor and docking in Lovište

Lovište is a safe and well protected port from all winds. In case of strong west wind maybe it’s not the best port but still it won’t be a big problem if you find yourself there. There is a large dock and it’s easy to moor. Also, there is a possibility to stay on anchor. In both cases some fee will need to be paid but this is one of the more affordable docking places.

Gulet in harbour

Beaches in Lovište

Lovište has 30 km of virgin beaches and hidden bays which attract numerous sailors and swimmers. They provide an amazing view while entering the town and our crew will be happy to take you to one of those beaches. Thanks to its good geographical location Lovište is a place with many sunny days in a year and a great place to sunbathe while you are surrounded with nature. It is a small quiet place which has a lot to offer.

Dalmatioan coast with sea, rocks and pinetrees

Things to visit in Lovište

Nearby is located a place called Nakovana. It is in the interior of the peninsula, which offers numerous archaeological attractions such as Illyrian stone piles, and old stone houses of two settlements testifying the history of this area.

Nature with trees and rocks

Wine tours

Peninsula Pelješac is one of the most famous wine regions in Croatia that has produced one of the best Croatian Vines from Plavac Mali. Some of the wines are world renowned and have won first prizes in world competitions. If you wish to try some of those wines, we can organize a wine tour and if you are a wine lover, it is a tour you cannot miss. From reds, whites to rosé, the winemakers will provide you only with top quality wines and with that they usually provide a selection of cheeses that goes with the wine.

Pouring wine in glass

Water sports

If you are more interested in sport activities a nearby place called Orebić offers just that. From windsurfing, kitesurfing and other water sports, Orebić has a great offer. Orebić also has cycling paths and great spots for scuba diving and snorkeling. Maybe you will be more interested in hillwalking. Tackle the majestic Mount Ilija and be rewarded with stunning panoramas from its peak.

Person on kiteboard