Milna village

About Milna

Milna is one of those typical Mediterranean fishing villages they don't make anymore. Lying on the west coast of Brač island, the harbor of Milna is drop-dead gorgeous as it digs into the island like a spoon. It was developed around the castle of a noble family Cerinić in the 16th century. The municipality might have started developing in the 16th century, but there are prehistoric archaeological findings proving the island was populated a long time before. It is also one of the most famous harbors in this area. It used to have a shipyard, among others known for the development of a worldwide famous sailboat called “bračera”. Today there is a fish factory which supplies Croatian supermarkets with sardine and other small fish.

Harbor and anchorage in Milna

This is a great and safe port to spend a night with the yacht. Anchorage taxes are not as high as in other places and the town itself offers a lot.
Sometimes music can be loud so if you are an early bed person try to avoid this port. Music will be on until 1 PM the latest but still if you are not this type have this in mind.

Milna village harbour

Beaches in Milna

To each side of the harbor stretch sand and pebble beaches including the cove of Vlaska. There are many places where you can drop your towel and enjoy the pine shade as well as the privacy of the bay.

pebble beach

Things to do

In summertime this is a lively promenade with many bars and restaurants which love to be visited by the local population as well. It is a great opportunity to meet some island people and have them tell you a few stories and legends about the island. Just don’t expect them to buy you a drink because they are known in Croatia to be very stingy, but they will love you buy them one ?
There is a long lungo mare around the bay so use an opportunity to stretch your legs and have a walk around before you continue your sailing adventure around outstanding Croatian islands.

chef grilling food