National Park Kornati

About Kornati National Park

In the Šibenik archipelago is the national park of Kornati. Passing a labyrinth of 89 little islands and rocks, we will search for a perfect bay, but wherever we drop the anchor, we will be sailing the sea so clean that you can see the seabed, even on the depth of 40 meters! You will find out why Kornati Islands are a favourite destination for nautical pilgrims that are looking for “something completely different.” One of the most popular phenomena of this park are the vertical cliffs called “Krune” (crowns) that are facing the open sea. Adrenalin addicts go there for cliff jumping. Alongside these natural beauties, Kornati are a home to many rare species.

Harbors and anchorage

There are no harbors at Kornati because it is a national park and islands are not populated so there was never a need to build one. On the other hand, there are many bays which are well protected, and yachts can pick one to spend a night. It will be a captain’s decision based on the weather forecast. Better and safer bays are located in the north part of the national park.

anchorage on Kornati islands

National Park ticket price

Since the only way to visit Kornati is by boat, the ticket price is both anchorage and entrance. Price will vary on the size of the yacht, but you can expect to pay around 150 EUR in total.

sign for ticket sails

Things to do in Kornati

Moreover, there are enough islands and bays for everyone. A real treasure is hidden under the sea surface there, so we recommend you enjoy diving and exploring the sea underworld. Also, as this area was the main trading route throughout history, if you look carefully, you might find some old ships and even lost treasury. You never know about those things in the Adriatic Sea.

diver diving under the sea of kornati archipelago

Sailing paradise

Among its unique beauty and rich underwater life, sailors love to visit Kornati because it’s one of the best locations to unwrap the sails. In between many small islands, a sea channel is created. Islands are relatively low and allow strong wind to easily glide over them but at the same time they prevent sea waves to slow the vessel down. If you enjoy sailing this is a must visit location.

sailing boat in sunset


This is an unpopulated area with few houses/restaurants of people who live there only during summertime. They offer quite limited and pricy menus but fish you try there will be outstanding. Lobsters and high-quality fish are a usual offer. These restaurants are not fancy but rather provide true Robison style experience. If you are fond of such things try to visit for at least a drink and further decide if you wish to stay for dinner as well.

Zirje harbour restaurant place on Kornati islands