National Park Krka Waterfalls

About Krka river

National park of Krka waterfalls is one of the most beautiful in Croatia. Close to Šibenik town, the Krka river floats into the sea, making a spectacular water performance. On the way to Krka, we will pass by the town of Skradin, protected by law as a monument of history. We will reach it by sailing slowly through a high, impressive canyon, dug in hard stone by the force of the Krka River. The river is 72 km long and has formed many majestic waterfalls as it runs. The river valley is an ancient settlement, with traces from prehistoric times, a Roman aqueduct, buildings and cultural monuments from the middle ages. The Franciscan monastery, on the river island of Visovac and the orthodox monastery Krka, are the most important cultural heritage from this period. On the waterfalls Roski slap and Skradinksi buk, one finds the grain mills. There is the world's oldest electricity water plan established by Nikola Tesla, which we visit together.

Anchoring and docking on Krka

Town Skradin is further away you can go with any yacht or commercial boat. There is a small marina in front of the city where smaller boats can be docked. If you are with a larger boat or if there is simply no place in a marina, yachts can stay on the anchor.


Krka national park tickets

Ticket to the national park costs around 30 EUR per person. Price can slightly vary from year to year. Children have a discount. Tickets will be bought in the touristic board of Skradin and from there small boats will drive you to waterfalls. Visit is optional but we strongly recommend it since these are some of the most beautiful Croatian waterfalls.
Price updates can be seen on the official Krka national park website.

Visovac - Krka national park

Skradinski buk

Skradinski buk is one of the most beautiful parts of the park. It is a vast, clear, natural pool with high waterfalls at one end and cascades at the other. It is the lowest one among waterfalls along the Krka river. In an area 400 m in length and 100 m in width there are 17 waterfalls and the total difference in height between the first and the last falls is 47.7 m.

Due to the wealth and variety of geomorphological forms, vegetation, and the various effects caused by the play of light on the whirlpools, Skradinski buk is considered to be one of the most beautiful calcium carbonate waterfalls in Europe. Around the whole location, there is a walking trail with astonishing views. There is also a hiking trail. The site can be visited throughout the year, like all the other waterfalls in this area.

Waterfalls of Krka

Things to do in Krka

The best part is that swimming and jumping on these waterfalls are allowed so don’t forget to take your swimsuit with you!
There are bars and restaurants where you can have a snack or drink and simply enjoy the beauty of nature! However, as Krka is a notably clean river, we recommend you to taste some river fish local specialty in a restaurant ashore.

Bridge near Krka waterfalls