About Rogoznica

Rogoznica is a small island which is harboring a beautiful fisherman town established as an ancient Greek colony and settled throughout history. Rogoznica is gladly visited by boaters because it is famous for being one of the most beautiful and safest bays on the Adriatic Sea. Rogoznica is a quiet, warm Mediterranean place on the very end of north Dalmatia. It’s 50 km coast is an ideal spot for a family vacation or just relaxing with friends.

Harbor and anchorage in Rogoznica

Rogoznica has multiple choices. There is a smaller public port where yachts can be moored but this is a very lively place and music from local bars and restaurants can disturb peaceful sleep. Another option is anchorage which will provide more peace and quiet while still being on close distance to the center.

Marina Frapa is a more elegant choice. This is one of the biggest and most beautiful private marinas on the Croatian coast. You will feel ultimate romance and privilege there while being moored next to other luxurious yachts, but it will cost more as well.

motor yachts in harbor of Rogoznica

Things to do in Rogoznica

Apart from monuments and architecture, there is an impressive natural attraction, a big lake called Dragon’s Eye. There are a few legends about this lake and all of them are really interesting and worth hearing about. In Rogoznica we will moor in a marina close to the town. You can enjoy walking, sightseeing, having coffee onshore, or swim and sunbathe with a tasty meal served aboard. Pleasure is guaranteed whatever you choose. Rogoznica often organizes series of entertaining and cultural events throughout the season and that time is when the streets are exuding a special atmosphere.

couple walking on the beach

Beaches in Rogoznica

The pebble beaches and rocky sea sides are a wonderful sight, but there are many hidden peaceful bays where we will dock your boat and where you can enjoy, swim, sunbathe or just relax with a book.

man jumping from the cliff into the sea

Nightlife in Rogoznica

Rogoznica is a truly special place. Offers a great deal of fun activities, food and drinks. Rogoznica also has a wide spectrum of bars and clubs where you can party from early night hours until late in the morning or just relax on the deck of the boat with your friends and family and enjoy the view of Rogoznica from the marina.

people drinking cocktails

Close by village - Primošten

A nearby location is Primošten. Primošten is a stone town that used to be an island but because of the beauty of the place, it became overpopulated, so they connected it with the mainland and now it is peninsula Primošten. Its beautiful old town, nice long beaches and crystal-clear sea are the virtues of this place. There is a lot of history that surrounds this small place and while walking through the streets you will feel like you travelled back in time. Have a coffee with a gorgeous sea view and then have a delicious lunch or dinner on your boat.

panoramic view of Primosten village