Šibenik archipelago

About Šibenik archipelago

The coastal waters of Šibenik contain an archipelago of 249 islands stretching out over 157sq km. In this constellation of islands, only six have a permanent population that totals less than 7000 people.

Perfect getaway

Needless to say, these little islands make marvellous getaways if you’re looking for a rustic vacation experience. Due to its scarce population, Šibenik Archipelago is popular to visit among people who seek isolation and beautiful, untouched nature. It is an area best explored by boat or yacht, although there are daily ferries to and from the mainland. The islands are practically untouched by tourism. Locals all live off the land and the sea, fishing, and growing olives and grapes, which is the true spirit of ancient Dalmatia held till our days.

small island in Adriatic sea

Harbors and anchoring

Since we will mention multiple islands in this article it’s hard to write about mooring conditions since this will vary significantly from island to island. We can only say that there are enough well protected bays to hide from any weather. It will be a captain’s decision which island to choose according to the weather forecast but here are few suggestions to choose from.

two small boats next to the beach

Interesting islands to visit

Amongst those islands is the smallest populated island called Krapanj. It is also the lowest island on the Adriatic Sea with approximately 1,5 m of altitude.

Zlarin island is famous by coral manufacturing. Deep red Adriatic Sea coral is beautiful material form making all sorts of jewelry. Don’t miss the opportunity to buy a necklace or bracelet for someone you love.
Prvić island is just 2.3 sq. km and it has beautiful beaches and a lot of vineyards.

Žirje island is the most remote island in Šibenik archipelago. Due to this fact it is nearly untouched by tourism and it provides its visitors to feel how life was in ancient times while people were mostly living from agriculture and fishing. The island has an interesting history. There are remnants of a late-Hellenic fort erected in the 6th century as well as traces of other ancient defensive structures around the island.

red coral neckless

Šibenik Town

The main location of the archipelago is on the mainland, a town called Šibenik. Šibenik is an old stone town with a long history which could definitely interest you. The name Šibenik was first mentioned back in 1066. when it was the seat of the Croatian King.

Šibenik was occupied by the Venetians for almost 300 years and later by Austro – Hungary. It was a very important town in Venetian – Turkish wars and it was a frontier of the western civilization and Christianity. Those times left Šibenik with four beautiful stone fortresses: St. Michael, St. John, Šubićaevac and St. Nicholas.

Old part of town is very interesting to see with its noble palaces, stone streets, and typical dalmatian houses which are centuries old. The main sight is the St. James cathedral. It is on the UNESCO world heritage list. It dates back in the 15th century. It is entirely made out of stone and the main attraction is the big gate that has 72 human heads carved around it. The heads belong to unknown individuals. A fun fact about the town is that it is the first town in the world to have electrical public lightning.

stone facade of Sibenik cathedral of St. James

Things to do

This is an amazing area to enjoy snorkeling, swimming and sunbathing. Try to visit some of the multiple islands and go back in history while walking the old streets and meeting the locals who will be happy to sell you some of their handmade crafts or homemade organic products. If you wish to have a livelier atmosphere visit Šibenik city and enjoy its rich gastro and entertainment offer.

women holding wine glass while sitting on the speedboat