Šibenik town

About Šibenik

Šibenik is an old, stone town with a long history behind it that could definitely interest you. The name Šibenik was first mentioned back in 1066. when it was the seat of the Croatian kings. There was the throne to king Petar and Zvonimir. Šibenik was occupied by the Venetians for almost 300 years and later by Austro - Hungary. It was a very important town in Venetian – Turkish wars and it was a frontier of the western civilization and Christianity. Those times left Šibenik with four beautiful stone fortresses: St. Michael, St. John, Šubićaevac and St. Nicholas. Old part of town is very interesting to see with its nobleman palaces, stone streets, and typical Dalmatian houses which are centuries old. A fun fact about the town is that it is the first town in the world to have electrical public lightning. Nikola Tesla built the first electric plant at the waterfalls of Krka which started to work a few hours before the one on the Niagara waterfalls. The river Krka flows into the sea in the bay of Šibenik.

Port and anchorage

Šibenik has the most interesting and well protected ports in Croatia. This is the reason why the Croatian navy has a base there. This is all due to the fact that Šibenik is a large, closed bay with a narrow entrance regulated by a light stop. It is protected from all winds and strong waves. There is a long dock with plenty of space for everyone. The ship will be moored at the stern and it will be easy for you to go for a walk. Anchorage is also possible at a more budget-friendly rate.

yachts docked in Sibenik port

Things to do in Šibenik

Visit to cultural and historical sights: St. James cathedral

The main sight is the St. James cathedral. It is on the UNESCO world heritage list. It dates back in the 15th century. It is entirely made out of stone and the main attraction is the big gate that has 72 human heads carved around it. The heads belong to unknown individuals.

Other interesting sights are fortresses, aquariums and museums.

Alongside the history, the town has other offers. It has numerous beaches around so definitely take a swim with a view on Šibenik! Have a cup of coffee or a drink in a bar on “Riva” or go to one of the best aquariums in Croatia. The annual Šibenik International Children’s Festival takes place every summer on the main square and in front of the Cathedral. In late summer traditional Dalmatian Chanson Evenings are held. It is worth the visit but buy the tickets on time, there are so few of them.

panoramic view on Sibenik cathedral

Restaurants and bars

If you are interested in a lunch or dinner in a restaurant, Šibenik has a lot. Just ask the crew and they will make the arrangements. You can choose from Michelin awarded restaurants to the small street bistros. If you are a fan, we recommend you try some shells. Due to the river Krka which flows into the bay of Šibenik, all shells thrive there.

Pelegrini is the most famous restaurant for fine dining which is also Michelin star awarded but upfront reservation is necessary so make sure to tell the crew a day before if you are interested to go there.

people walking on Sibenik streets