About Ston

Ston was the last north point of the Dubrovnik Republic and is the first south point of peninsula Pelješac. It was a strategically essential location and back in the time it was commonly attacked. This is why the world's second longest defense walls were built. The culture this place provides was crucial to preserve. The town goes way back. It was active even in Roman time from which time a sea salt factory originates, and the factory is operating until this day providing Croatia and other countries with high quality salt. It is the oldest operating sea salt factory in the world. The sea salt factory also produces the “Fleur de Sel” – the salt flower. It is considered to be the best quality of salt because it is produced in shallow pools and later dried and hand-picked. Inside the city walls you can find many souvenirs shops, café bars, and amazing restaurants which are all providing local food. Ston is a rich treasury of historical – cultural tradition and its history reaches to the old ages of Dubrovnik Republic.

Harbor and anchorage

Ston is located in a deep bay. This is a very tricky entrance and it’s not recommended to go with a larger boat because there is a high risk of damaging the boat due to the very shallow seabed. There are multiple lights saying which way to enter but we recommend using this passage only with yacht dinghy. Because of such a complicated entrance we suggest anchoring the boat at the beginning of the bay.

Yacht will be well protected because it’s sheltered from the winds and there is enough space for the yacht to spin while just the anchor is in the sea. Also, there is no docking fee if you stay there. Another benefit is that there are few excellent restaurants located nearby.

rope tied to a pole

Kobaš organic restaurants

Not far away from Ston, a small village called Kobaš is stationed amongst the many bays. This village has three amazing restaurants. The specialty of these restaurants is that everything they sell is domestic. Owners go and catch the fish with nets by themselves, the vegetables are grown behind the restaurant in a small garden, they produce their own olive oil and wine as well. You will be served with the freshest and most delicious food ever. All that with your boat waiting for you, anchored at the dock at a distance of a few steps.

grilled fish and baked potatoes

Mali Ston oysters

There is one delight that you can try in this place. Right next to Ston is a place called Mali Ston (Little Ston). That place is famous for farming seashells, especially oysters and mussels. It is Unavoidable for all seafood lovers. Take a boat ride to the oyster farm and try the natural aphrodisiac directly from the sea and with a glass of top-quality wine from peninsula Pelješac, experience the core of this cute little town and enjoy like locals do every day.

fresh oysters served on plater and ice with some lemon

Things to do in Ston

We strongly recommend when visiting this area to book a wine tasting tour because the peninsula of Pelješac and Ston are one of the best wine making regions in Croatia. Plavac Mali is the most planted sort of the grape and the outcome is splendid. Red wine with a strong bouquet. You will visit multiple local wineries and at the end tour can finish in some of the local restaurants where you can eat world famous oysters. They will take them directly from the sea and open them in front of your eyes. In case you are interested your personal yacht agent can organize the tour and include it on the itinerary schedule.

people tasting wine in a wine cellar