What is gulet? – Detailed description

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What is a gulet?

A gulet is a traditional two or three-masted wooden sailing yacht originating from southwestern coast of Turkey, particularly built in Bodrum and Marmaris. Today, this type of vessel is varying in size of 14 up to 40 meters. Gulet cruise is an adventure in which with endless possibilities it is impossible for You to get bored or not to enjoy and experience life at the fullest. Now, in order for You to prepare and us to enjoy your perfect vacation, together, we need to go over some crucial points in this specific type of cruise and adventure.

Why charter a gulet?

If You really want to be careless on your dream vacation and provide all the best for all of your senses and keep piece and privacy along with endless possibility of activities, chartering a gulet is the first step of your dream come true paradise. Family, friends, special occasions, formal or informal, a gulet is always ready to provide all the best for You. Also, with its domestic and super professional crew and service You will have a feeling of home and safety.

Where do gulets cruise?

With our gulet cruises we offer You to discover more than 1200 hidden jewels of Adriatic Sea in adventure of your lifetime. Split as the second largest town in Croatia might amaze You with its modern and traditional lifestyle. If You really want to escape from all for a while Šolta island is Your choice so close but yet so far. With its great choice of private accommodation and luxury hotel along with other tourist attractions You can surely with no worries enjoy your days in one of the hidden jewels. Hvar for example, is a well-known premium party place of Adriatic but also with its numerous beaches You can always find a perfect spot under the sun to enjoy the quietness of true nature.

anchored Gulet in secluded bay

If You are more of delicate or true taste experience person, Korčula and Pelješac will definitely provide You with the best wines of our lovely Croatia. Not only You will slowly enjoy the wines, but You will experience how the time is not actual as the feeling of world and nature around You, and all that at your fingertips. Such a power captivated in a moment is something very few can enjoy or experience in life. That is why we keep it secret and now we are offering it for your happiness and joy along with much more. From the largest gulet fleet in the world, through lovely and magnificent landscapes up to great and powerful historical monuments, Turkey, Greece and Italy are also no exception when it comes to our gulet cruises.

Service on a gulet / crew: captain chef hostess

As we are pleased to provide You with the most amazing experience so every gulet in our fleet has to be ready to spoil You with the afterlife feeling of royalty. And one of the most important steps is crew on a gulet which consists of captain, chef, waiter, sailor and hostess. Each one of them have special and unique tasks in a story of the dream you chose. Crew numbers may be different depending on the size of the gulet you chose.


The captain, obviously is the best person to show all the amazing places during your sail and safely navigate through, but also a professional and domestic host of every gulet. When it comes to delicates and food, the chef is the person engaged in your meals and that the taste of the same is once in a lifetime experience. Waiter, as your table host is the person of excellent service and great stories.

Everything about the sailing in the perfect conditions is the task of the sailor who, as the captain, is in charge of your safety. Now, you may find hostess on more luxury and bigger gulets in charge of cleaning cabins, serving drinks and meals as much as taking care of your additional wishes. With a crew like this, every gulet cruise becomes a dream and every dream need someone to share with. We are hoping to share ours with You.

What activities are possible when sailing on a gulet?

As mentioned, with over 30 activities, endless exploration and much it is really impossible to get bored or fed up of such a cruise. Just imagine all the represented places you can choose from to visit and explore. Every place has its own unlimited activities and possibilities for many more adventures. It is an open world and map to explore all the hidden jewels and to share the most magnificent experiences. With a careful planning and with our consultations we make everything possible to its smallest detail. Technological advancements can still keep You connected on our gulet cruises, but also with a touch of a classy and traditional design along with surrounding nature, you can combine the best.

Activities on Gulet cruise

If you get too lazy on board our cruises offer You a variety of water sports to stay active. If you fancy a jet ski ride, kayaking, wakeboarding or similar, we make all of that and more possible for you. Also, if You want a bit more of an adventure, we offer You scuba diving and exploration beneath the sea surface. You never know what is out there to be discovered. Now it is your time.

What are the advantages of gulets?

When it comes to the most important part of any kind of journey, there is always one thing mentioned at first. Comfort. Comfort is definitely the gulet best advantage over other sails. Endless relaxing space with a home like cabins along with endless possibility of activities makes you as an actual part of nature. Also, important to mention is the choice of everyday locations you choose from along with the trip flexibility which is very important for You. In advance, as mentioned, with planning and organizing we make everything possible for You.

Gulet cabins?

As some other things, also, cabins are different looking on different gulet type yachts. On standard gulet cabins are smaller in size, but all cabins are comfortable and provide enough space.

gulet cabin

All cabins have AC and private bathrooms as well. In luxury gulet cabins, you are ensured with high levels of comfort and provide vast space for your belongings. All cabins have AC and private bathroom plus extra amenities. It is like a 5-star hotel room. Deluxe gulet cabins are enormous and full of luxury details among with all the possible amenities you can ask for. Its design provides the highest level of comfort. Very easily compared with the best luxury on land. With all the cabins explained within all the possible categories we assure you that one of the cabins is perfectly designed and waiting to comfort You.

Food and drink options on gulets

The first and very important thing to mention when it comes to food and drink options on such a cruise is that everything is optional and your preferences are more than welcome. We comfort you with such a choice. But even if you have no specifications, we will provide you with the best of the local fresh and tasty market. Just to start your beautiful thoughts of food melting we will mention some of the best local specialties.

food and drink options on Gulet

Domestic olive oil with the finest fish or with cheese in your colorful salad. Not enough? How about finishing such a perfect meal with a fresh local fruit in the sun having the sea breeze gently comforting your skin? There is much more. Wines served with the food are also local and the finest collection. But, if you prefer to enjoy in some other spirits, coffee, tea, beer or similar You are always welcome to join the bar and relax. All in all, food and drinks are pretty much taken care of on these types of cruises so You are left only with comfort and relaxation to enjoy it.

Price difference – and why?

There are three different types of gulet cruise. Standard, luxury and deluxe. Even though they might seem similar in look from outside they are surely different and in the next few examples We will explain what makes the price different for certain cruises. Age and maintenance are one of the final factors influencing the price of the same. As explained in the cabins, all the equipment and extra amenities come with the more luxury and deluxe gulets. So, the price tag is much different as well. Same with service. More service you are provided with, the price, of course, is higher. As for anything else within gulet cruises, it is completely your option to make a choice of your own and specific gulet cruise.

How I prepare/pack for gulet cruise

Considering You are attending the most comfortable cruise of your life, there is no need to worry about dress codes, because there is none. Anything you are feeling comfortable to wear is more than welcome. One thing to mention is that overpacking is not necessary on this type of adventure and it might affect your cabin space depending what type of cruise you chose. Personal hygiene products, casual clothes, swimming suit and sunglasses will do just fine, so You can enjoy the comfort of your dream cruise.

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