Sailing Holidays in Croatia

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Sailing holidays in Croatia with Gulet Croatia

Superb service, custom yacht charter plans for you and your family and friends:

Once you’ve seen the Adriatic seaside, either on screen or in real life, the images can hardly get out of your mind. The stunningly beautiful and transparent-turquoise sea, the lovely bright sunshine, cooling off in the gentle afternoon breeze at the open sea…all thoroughly enjoyed from comfortable private yacht charters – adds up to your dream holiday. After having decided if Croatia is, or already has been, your Mediterranean yacht charter destination – what is next?

Explore, choose, decide!

Destination choices to your liking

Our commendable client reviews praise us, amongst other, by our careful choice of places to visit in Croatia. Gulet Croatia makes arrangements for 24 destinations in the South and Mid-Adriatic natural beauties area, spanning from park Telašćica (with a salty lake embedded on one of the Kornati archipelago islands) to south of Dubrovnik, like the peaceful town of Cavtat. From the less known place Lovište, located in the most famous wine region of Pelješac peninsula, which hosts 30 km of virgin beaches and hidden bays to the growingly popular Dubrovnik, rich in culture as the UNESCO heritage site as well as stunning views of the city walls, forts and nearby (Elaphiti) islands.

Rich in natural beauties, unique native edible delights, rich cultural heritage dating from Roman times, to Mediterranean influence in building culture mixed with the local untouched sea-water fish, locally-made olive oil, fresh vegetables and an exquisite fine wines selection, Croatian seaside is ready to host any desired leisure time.

Depending on your general idea how you wish to spend your cruising time – more at the sea, in hidden bays and beaches, or interested in the cultural heritage sites, fine dining – or all of the above in your favourite combination – flexibility of choices and services are available for you.

How You wish to spend your yacht week? Tell us more…

Croatia yacht charter – for who?

From our 72 yacht charters, including traditional boats such as gulets, as well as motor yachts or super yachts, you can be sure to find a sailing boat according to your exact holiday-style preferences. You may expect to completely relax with your family and/or friends, or you might be more keen on having a somewhat active holiday in nature? Or rather an all just-for-fun experience? We got you covered in any case.

Also, opposite to the commonly accepted idea that cruises are reserved exclusively for families and young adults, yes, you or the elder part of your family can also enjoy a cruise for seniors!

We have something for every taste!

Tailor-made destination choices, charter styles, crew options – you

name it – we’re taking care.

Ready for your sailing holidays? What to expect.

See the list below and check what awaits you with our Gulet Croatia yacht rentals:

rent a yacht for a week with comfortable indoor spaces and outer decks

– traditional Gulets yacht rentals as well as luxury Motor and Super yacht rentals

– enjoy supreme service according to your needs and wishes, with friendly faces

– adjustable yacht charter cost according to your budget

– let go of planning troubles and ENJOY your sailing vacations

Relax. You are in great hands.