Northern Dalmatia cruise


Split to Split circular “northcoast cruise” is perfect for nature lovers and guests who seek elegant an relaxed cruise, to enjoy breathtaking landscapes and spend quality time with your family and friends!

This tour will include two National Parks. One is archipelago of Kornati which is great snorkeling location and other is one is Krka waterfalls. Krka is most exciting destination on this tour mainly because you will need to sail through long canyon of river Krka until you reach town Skradin.

City of Šibenik is most populated destination you visit on this cruise and it offers many historical locations as well as some of the best restaurants which hold Michelin star reward!

Explore Croatia remote locations and enjoy them privately with Loved Ones!


Trogir - Rogoznica

Trogir, the town in Split vicinity, will be the harbor of getting aboard! Soon after we will be sailing to Rogoznica, a small island which is harboring beautiful fisherman town established as an ancient Greek colony and settled throughout history. Apart from monuments and architecture, there is an impressive natural attraction, called Dragon’s Lake. In Rogoznica we will moor in a marina close to the town. You can enjoy walking, sightseeing, having coffee onshore, or swim and sunbathe with a tasty meal served aboard. Pleasure is guaranteed whatever you choose.


Krka Waterfalls

Close to Šibenik town, the Krka river floats into the sea, making a spectacular water performance. On the way to Krka, we will pass by the town of Skradin, protected by law as a monument of history. We will reach it sailing slowly through a high, impressive canyon, dag in hard stone by force of Krka River. The river is 72 km long and has formed many majestic waterfalls as it runs. The river valley is an ancient settlement, with traces from prehistorically times, a Roman aqueduct, buildings and cultural monuments from the middle ages. The Franciscan monastery, on the river island of Visovac and the orthodox monastery Krka, are the most important cultural heritage from this period. On the waterfalls Roski slap and Skradinksi buk, one finds the grain mills. There is the world’s oldest electricity water plan established by Nikola Tesla, which we visit together. Like every day, meals are served aboard, or you can enjoy them in some local restaurants. However, as Krka is a notably clean river, we recommend you to taste some river fish local specialty in a restaurant ashore.


Kornati National Park

After a freshness of inlet river experience, we are back to pure Adriatic, heading it’s the most interesting part: the national park of Kornati islands. Passing a labyrinth of 89 little islands and rocks, we will search for a perfect bay, but wherever we drop the anchor, we will be sailing the sea that clean that you can see seabed, even on the depth of 40 meters! You will find out why Kornati Islands are a favorite destination for nautical pilgrims that are looking for “something completely different.” Moreover, there are enough islands and bays for everyone. A real treasure is hidden under the sea surface there, so we recommend you to enjoy diving and exploring sea underworld. Also, as this area was the main trading route throughout history, if you look carefully, you might find some sank old ships and even a lost treasury. You never know about those things in the Adriatic Sea.



Telašćica park of nature is another fascinating nature gem on the Croatian coast. It is a bay with the surrounding area on the south side of Dugi Otok Island. On the outer side of the bay, there are high cliffs up to 161 meters high, rising over the 80 meters sea depths. Inside, there is a beautiful, calm, eight kilometers long bay, with five little islands inside. There is a lake (on the island) called Mir (Peace), with salty water inside, warmer and saltier than the seawater, so it is famous for swimming, and consider to have healing power. We will do an anchorage in some lovely bay inside Telašćica, and enjoy in stunning nature. Telašćica is a perfect place to test your diving equipment because of the richness of sea life. In the evening, we will make a campfire, put some fresh fish on the grill, open wine bottle, and enjoy in the silence of the starry night and time passing by.


Šibenik Archipelago

While you enjoy your abundant breakfast on yacht stern, the captain will start sailing south! Today you will explore one of many islands of Šibenik archipelago! Those are small islands, and just some of them are inhabited. Some of the main traditions people do around here is jewelry making from red coral, which deep red color makes it authentic for the Adriatic Sea! Enjoy, soak up the sun, swim, take a walk, go shopping, or have a coffee and enjoy summer in some stunning little town. Have a tasty meal in one of their fine restaurants, or let our cook on an elegant yacht to surprise you with his choice.



Šolta is just another one among the all beautiful Croatian islands, with stunning coastline and crystal sea. But a day spent in some of Šolta’s picturesque bays will be a memory for a lifetime, and we can promise you that. With a stunning coastline and a crystal clear sea, it is perfect for spending a day in some of Šolta’s picturesque bays. Lay back, relax, soak Mediterranean fragrance, let our cook surprise you and enjoy like there is no tomorrow. The yacht will anchor in a bay called Nečujam (Quite) to enjoy swimming and diving in the clean sea, relaxation, windsurf, sky jet, and all kinds of sea activities.



After breakfast in pictures’ bay of Nečujam, we will use the day to enjoy the last swimming and sunbathing. Lunch will be served in some of the bays on island Čiovo! Afterward, the gulet will moor close to the Trogir marina. We recommend you to visit this UNESCO protected pearl of Adriatic. The labyrinth of streets will take you to medieval times. Enjoy this stone craft miracle city while sitting in a bar or visiting some small shops around. You can have dinner in some famous fish restaurant in Trogir or let the chef make you a surprise for the last dinner on board.