Dubrovnik cruise


Dubrovnik makes a perfect embark and disembark location for many cruises, because is in close proximity to the airport and holds breathtaking beauty with many islands to visit!

This is a circular cruise that will include best islands in South Dalmatia (Ex. Dubrovnik Republic). This means we will visit the Pelješac peninsula which is the largest red wine-producing region in Croatia famous for Plavac Mali (autochthonous Croatian red wine grape) and holds hidden pear, Ston, famous for 7km long city walls, one of the largest fortifications in Europe. Across the Peljesac peninsula is Mljet island where one National Park and one natural park will be visited during this journey. Lastly you will have pleasure to walk the streets of Marco Polo birth town, Korčula on the island of Korcula.

Join us on this memorable cruise and explore dense pine forests and hidden medieval towns while enjoying beautiful nature and crystal clear sea!


Dubrovnik - Šipan

Visit Sunny Islands of Dubrovnik area. Even though close to each other, all of them have another story to tell you, a different history, architecture, and even nature. Let us take you through the real fairytale, where each town is an ancient stone castle, and friendly animals approach to welcome you. We will do it in the best way possible – on board of the luxurious yacht. After getting aboard in Dubrovnik, the yacht will get us to the beautiful Island of Šipan, where ancient Dubrovnik aristocracy used to have their summer residences. It is where you meet for the first time crystal blue sea, green pine forest, and clean air with ocean scent, all following you throughout a whole voyage. At the end of the day spent in relaxation, swimming and sunbathing, our extraordinary chef will prepare one of his famous dinners.


Mljet National Park

After breakfast on the shady stern, the yacht will sail away toward an astonishing and unique national park of Mljet. Anchorage in picturesque Polače bay, enjoying fresh fish and crabs for lunch and swimming in crystal clear sea of National Park area. In the afternoon, visit two Mljet’s salt lakes. On the Big Lake, there is a small island of St. Mary, with a fortified monastery from the Romanesque period, like a castle from fairytales. On an island within an island! Having dinner somewhere in the ancient mystic of Mljet’s “midland” is an exceptional experience. The Island of Mljet is the most densely wooded island of the Adriatic. Due to its old thick forests of Aleppo pine, Karts caves, two picturesque salt-water lakes, many sandy and gravel beaches, fishing grounds and endangered species, the western part of the island has been proclaimed a national park.



After spending a night on Mljet Island, we will catch a morning breeze to sail towards Korčula Island, another ancient pearl of the Adriatic coast. Before entering Korčula harbor, we will stop on anchor in front of a small island of Badija, in the middle of Korčula archipelagos, close to ancient Roman stone mines, for some lunch and free time. There is an old stone monastery, beaches, restaurants, and if you are lucky, you can meet a deer, as they live freely on the island. In the afternoon, we will moor just in front of the town of Korčula, a hometown of Marko Polo, wander through narrow stone streets of the ancient city and find the best viewpoint to an unforgettable sunset. It may be true that places and islands differ, but the Island of Korčula undoubtedly holds a privileged position among the Croatian islands. There exist even more legends, tales, and monuments than anywhere else. The oldest written monument in Croatia, in Greek, was found there. According to the legend, Korčula was established by the Trojan hero Anthenor in the 12th century BC.



In the early morning, the gulet will continue sailing toward Nature Park, island Lastovo! It is Croatian most remote and best-preserved island. In 2006 it got protected due to abundant fish funds. There is much symbolism on this island as well. Everything is running around the number 44. Forty-four small islands are belonging to the archipelago, 44 fields and 44 small churches and monasteries are around the island. It is not highly populated, but here you will find one of the best eco- restaurants on the coast. In these little farms, everything – from bread, meat, cheese, vegetables, liqueurs, and wines – is produced locally and fresh for anyone who likes to enjoy local specialties! Lastovo will allow you to deeply relax in the shadows of the dense forest while listening to sea waves and crickets song. There is a possibility of exploring the island by wand! The tour can be organized for you to visit the main village that was built inland for protection from the pirates. You can feel the centuries-long spirit graved in chimneys of the families (the status of the family was determinate by the size and grandeur of chimneys). The wand will take you uphill to witness sunset while having long panorama on the Croatian coast and islands stretching miles in front of you. The excursion can be finished in one of the eco-restaurants!


Pelješac peninsula

While you will enjoy the breakfast on the yacht stern, the gulet will sail towards the peninsula Pelješac. The best Croatian wines come from this region. On the seeps, popular sort Dingač is soaked in the sun from the sky and the sea reflection. It gives the wine a high level of sugar, so there is no need to add more of it during the production of the wines of the highest quality. If you are a wine lover, we can organize wine tasting in wineries around the peninsula, finishing the tour in the town of Ston. The world’s most famous oysters will be taken out of the sea and open for you! After you can look around the town that was an essential strategical point of the Dubrovnik Republic for it was the border with the Ottoman Empire and Venetians. The second longest wall in the world was built to protect the city and the salt factory that was open by Romans in 14 century and still works today. We will finish this spectacular day with a tasty dinner on the yacht.


Elaphiti Islands

The sixth day is reserved for the diamond in a crown of Adriatic natural and heritage highlights. There are fourteen islands in the Elaphiti group, and we will visit three of them: Šipan, Lopud, and Koločep, inhabited since the Middle Ages. The stony sea bed is covered in green, black and red algae and rich in white fish, shrimp, and shellfish. We will be on anchor in calm bays looking to renaissance palaces and castles rising in white stone from green forest scenery of those cute tiny islands. It is a perfect place for swimming, diving and sunbathing, so you’ll have a lot of time for it. When you get hungry because of laying back and relaxing, we will serve you some of our unforgettable meals. If you love sandy beaches, this is your day! On the island of Lopud, there is a sandy beach, shallow enough to walk meters and meters in the sea.



The last day of this fantastic week we will spend on Dubrovnik’s surroundings! We will sail slowly around the city walls from the seaside where you will feel like in ancient times when ships were approaching this marvelous city. The lunchtime will be in the vacancy of the Lokrum island, located just in front of the old harbor. It is also on a special nature reserves list. Rabbits and peacocks are walking freely around the island, and the 15-century arboretum hiding plants from all over the world, brought by our sailors! In the middle, there is a salty lake, called Death Sea, where you will find out about a legend that the island is haunted. No one is allowed to stay overnight or live on the island. The evening will be spent in some bay close to Dubrovnik so that you can give it a visit. Dubrovnik is the city of a unique political and cultural history (the Dubrovnik Republic, the Statute from 1272), of world-famous cultural heritage and beauty (List of World Heritage Sites by UNESCO). Because of that, it is one of the most attractive and famous cities of the Mediterranean. Apart from its outstanding natural and cultural heritage, Dubrovnik also offers high-quality visitor opportunities, such as shopping, restaurants, nightlife, casinos, etc.